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A Proactive Approach to Employee Health

Our Medical Screening Services are designed with a proactive focus on managing health risks and safeguarding against occupational diseases.

  • Risk-Based Screenings: Tailored assessments to identify and manage health risks specific to individual employees and job roles.

  • Comprehensive Health Checks: Regular screenings for HIV/AIDS, TB, STIs, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes mellitus, and more.

  • Weight Management and BMI: Promoting overall wellness through education, support, and strategies for maintaining a healthy weight.

Medical Screenings: Promoting Occupational Health

Medical Screening Services

Our medical screenings are tailored to assist companies in managing health risks and safeguarding employee well-being. We offer:

Advanced Imaging for Precision Diagnosis: Our digital X-ray facilities offer state-of-the-art chest screenings for tuberculosis and occupational lung diseases. Additionally, we provide injury-on-duty assessments for prompt and accurate diagnoses.

Empowering Healthier Lives: Through our wellness campaigns, we promote holistic health education and awareness. Our screenings cover a wide range of health indicators, including HIV/AIDS, TB, STIs, blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes mellitus. We also offer personalized consultations for weight management and body mass indexing.

Empower Your Workforce with Occupational Health Excellence!

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