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Medical Surveillance

Vigilant Health Monitoring: Ensuring Workplace Safety

Medical Surveillance Services

At Kriel Occupational Health, we prioritize the health  of your workforce through our comprehensive Medical Surveillance Program. Our cutting-edge monitoring ensures Legal compliance in various occupational settings, allowing you to mitigate risks and promote a healthy work environment.

Proactive Health Surveillance: Safeguarding Employee Wellness

Experience the convenience and accessibility of healthcare on the go with our Mobile Clinic. Whether you require routine screenings, diagnostic imaging, or specialized medical services, our mobile unit brings quality healthcare directly to your doorstep, ensuring that you can prioritize your health no matter where you are.

Evaluation of auditory health to assess hearing ability.

Assessment of respiratory health through lung function tests.

Comprehensive questionnaires to gather medical history and assess overall health.

Analysis of urine samples to detect abnormalities and monitor kidney function.

Evaluation of visual acuity and eye health.

Thorough examinations to assess overall physical health.

Imaging tests to detect lung conditions such as tuberculosis and occupational lung diseases.

Screening for the presence of narcotics in the body.

Stages of Medical Surveillance

Our Medical Surveillance is conducted at different stages of employment to cater to various needs.


Initial (Pre-employment)

Comprehensive assessments before employment to establish a baseline.


Periodical (During Employment)

Regular screenings to continuously monitor and maintain employee health and well-being.


Exit (Leaving Employment)

Ensuring a seamless transition and capturing final health records.


Post-Absence (Return to Work)

Monitoring health upon return from extended leave, injury, or illness.

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